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The Solar Panel System, IT & Telecom industry continues to witness increased intelligence & complexity in new generation products. And in India, the industry is now penetrating the small towns & villages very rapidly. Taken together, these factors have made pan-India after-sales service vital, not just for the success of new product launches, but also for the sustenance of growth of brands in the Indian market.

In anticipation, Addin Power Limited has set up hardware support service centres, spanning the length & breadth of India. Today, through 15 owned service centres, supported by a certified franchisee network of 50 service partners, Addin Power Limited provides the full spectrum of warranty & post-warranty services on behalf of our vendors – covering Solution design and Consulting, Technical helpdesk, Field Engineering support, Parts warehousing, Forward and Reverse logistics, Imports and Re-exports, & Asset recovery . All these centres run on a robust CRM that enable us to tightly manage the end-to-end service life cycle and create a great customer experience. This is one of our key differentiators in the Supply Chain industry, and a growth enabler for our vendors.

Addin Power Limited Service has always been ahead of the curve by being early adopters of global best practices – our 24x7 expert Call Center provides technical support to our end-users across complex technologies; our Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) practice, backed by a 24x7 Network Operation Centre, enables reliable & efficient asset management, policy deployment, and proactive support, helping improve IT availability of our customers & optimizing their Solar Panel System, IT investments. And our Professional Services practice – rendering solution design & implementation support across Server, Storage, Data, Voice, Video & Security verticals – enables our brands & the partner community to increase reach & sales in the Enterprise & SMB space.